Recommended for more experienced writers who are having difficulty with one piece, moving to a different genre, writing in ESL, etc.

For those looking for more detailed input on an individual piece CROSSxCHECKING provides a line/copyediting service based on word count.
The fee includes:

  • An overall critique of the piece––short story, essay, or article––including any impressions the reader formed that the writer may or may not have intended.
  • Critiques will highlight both strengths and weaknesses in the writing.
  • A thorough line edit with suggestions for improving the piece while staying true to the writer's individual style and voice.
CROSSxCHECKING also edits book-length submissions by special arrangement and will edit the first chapter or the first 5 pages free for new customers. Prices will vary based on length, type of work submitted and services required.

Inquire about Line/Copyediting Services

All submissions must be arranged in advance.
Please tell us what you will be submitting (short story, essay, article) and the word count.
You will be contacted within 24-48 hours with a price quote and instructions on how to submit your work.
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