Provides customized editing and critiquing services for writers at all levels focusing on both the strengths and weaknesses of the writing. Knowing strengths and weaknesses allows writers to improve while continuing to build on what they do best.
A unique two-tiered approach offers:

  • NEW WRITERS an overall critique of both writing strengths and weaknesses based on multiple submissions.
  • EXPERIENCED WRITERS a more traditional line/copyediting service.
  • TARGETED READINGS & EXERCISES for critique customers who want to work on the weak points in their writing.

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Nannette Croce is a writer and editor with more than 10 years experience editing and reviewing for online publications, including five years as Co-Managing Editor with The Rose & Thorn (currently Rose & Thorn Journal). She has taught workshops on writing for online publications and her blog zine writer covers issues dealing with online publishing and writing in general. Nannette's own writing has appeared in various online and print publications. Samples can be found on her website.
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